Suspending Parks

  • Does not exists  in a complete construction kit. there are too many parameters to take into consideration for the construction of the structures. The structure is built by our recognised partners.  
  • Suspended standard square poles with a length for building up one level of obstacles. Multiple levels, on request, depending on the structural strength of the building. 
  • For creating 4-way platforms. Different figures with adjusted angles for the direction of the obstacles is possible. Posts are connected by push bars between the poles. 
  • Totally is always constructed in an even pattern. Length obstacles up to 8 m.
  • Gives a variety of possibilities by changing direction on each platform. 
  • Made to be used with the continuous SAFEROLLER or SPEEDRUNNER belay system. 
  • Suitable for all body lengths and ages. A wide variety of accessories for connecting all types of obstacles. 
  • The obstacles can be made in brightly colored ropes and elements.
  • An effect of "glowing in the dark" can be created by proper lighting. 

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